Thursday, 21 April 2016

Celebrating TK60


Friday, 22 April 2016

To commemorate TK60, TK held our Annual Cross Country Run at the Singapore Sports Hub.

This year, TK students, staff, and parents displayed the spirit of Team TK by completing a 4 km run around the Singapore Sports Hub. The school was also honoured to have the Chairman of the 1st Parent Support Group (PSG) and current PSG chairman grace our event. Despite the heavy rain, the students and staff pushed on and completed the Run with gusto. Tagore house was crowned the champion house for the TK60 Commemorative Run.


5 Apr – 7 Apr 2016

The inaugural Humanities Week was held in Term 2 Week 3 to enrich and deepen students’ experiences in the learning of the Humanities. 

The 3-day event consisted of History and Geography enrichment activities such as History station games, discussion on global warming and the hunt for 60 interesting facts about TK.

The main objectives were:
1.    To generate a genuine interest and curiosity in the Humanities subjects
2.    To develop students' 21st century skills of self-directed and collaborative learning
3.    To appreciate the history and heritage of TK

The 3 top teams from each level received prizes for their excellent showing.



Friday, 05 February 2016

TK celebrated Chinese New Year on 5 February. In conjunction with its 60th birthday, the school put together and donated food hampers for the event. Every class also wrote 60 well wishes for our school.

The first hour of the celebration saw each of the classes wrapping lovely hampers of food to be given out during the CNY concert - our way of showing our care and concern to the senior citizens in Kampong Arang area during the festive season. In conjunction with TK60, our goal was to wrap at least 60 CNY hampers, but our ever gracious staff and students contributed over and beyond, and we presented 80 hampers to our guests during the concert segment in school and at the lunch for senior citizens at Grand Mercure Hotel where our students helped out as table hosts. In celebration of TK60, every class composed 60 well wishes for our school. It was certainly heart-warming to see many students wishing TK many good years ahead and some even looking forward to TK100!